How To Build Your Own Website For Free Online

How to build your own website for free online today! Did you know that you can make your own website for free without downloading any software in less then 2 hours. I would like to show you how to develope your website for free and publish it to the web.

how to make your own website for free online

How to build your own website for free online from scratch is easy, because we are now in the age of the internet, an era where almost anything that we do requires online support or equivalence, and creating a website is the perfect tool for it. The internet contains thousands of websites. Almost all of these websites, if not all, are related to business, entrepreneurship or marketing. You probably want to create a website to advertise your product or promote an event or maybe just to express yourself. But before we discuss how to create your own website for free, let’s dig deeper to what actually is a website and the reasons why people create websites.


A website is an online hub which contains web pages, images, videos and other media. It is used for a large variation of uses. It falls under four major categories namely: personal, commercial, government and non-profit organizations.

Personal websites are those created by an individual entity for his or her personal purposes and intentions instead of representing a group or an organization. It may contain information about the author, his interests, hobbies and profession.

Commercial websites, on the other hand, are those sites specifically made to either promote or advertise a product or a service. Most of the time, companies and other organizations with commercial interests make websites to cater to their patrons and supporters, and also to answer some of their customers’ concerns and problems regarding the product or service they are offering.

Government websites are informative sites that are made to give assistance to the public in terms of propagating the different public services they are offering. Different government sectors have their own websites which deal with the particular agencies’ different services and functions.

Websites that are made for non-profit organizations contain information about the organization and the humanitarian services they are offering as well as how to avail of those services.

  Why do people need to create a website:

Reasons for creating a website differ, depending on what kind of website you are making. But here are the general reasons why a person would want to create a website.

PROMOTIONAL BENEFITS – Whether you are creating a personal or commercial website, you are probably interested in the power of the internet to spread information about anything. The internet is a realm where information is flowing freely; therefore, properly managed sites would help promote any product or service effectively.

PROFFESIONAL LOOK – People are also making websites for professional purposes and as a proof that their business is legitimate, and not a scam. And let’s admit it, websites that are designed neatly look really professional and formal.

INCREASE MARKET – Another good thing about the internet is its global nature. It has no boundaries and could reach any part of the world. This is really useful when marketing products worldwide. It makes business really efficient and fast. Imagine the whole world having access to you; it expands your market to unimaginable dimensions.

HEAR CUSTOMERS’ VOICE – In a business organization, whether you are working by yourself or within a company, problems and issues are inevitable, websites help you reach out to your customers and give you the ability to hear their side and the issues they might have with the product or services you are providing. This will help you improve your company according to your clients’ needs and standards.

Now that we know what a website is and what are the reasons why many people prefer having one, let us now discover the ways on how to build your own website for free online. There are a bunch of ways in making a website. Whether you’re an I.T expert or just an average computer learner, there is always a way for you in terms of designing and publishing a website.

How to make your own website for free

Creating a website is completly free, whether you are personally coding or you are using a website builder tool online. But most of the time, when publishing it online and making it accessible on the internet, you have to be financially prepared. Before you lose hope and close your doors because you don’t want to spend even a single penny for your website, let me tell you that there are online sites that publish websites you created on their platform for free.

A website is usually created by using HTML (hypertext Markup Language). Whether a programmer writes codes that are then interpreted, or an online website builder prepares ready and customizable templates for a more user-friendly approach, the process is just the same. But we will not tackle about that for now. We will focus on steps an ordinary computer literate person can take in creating his own website online for free.

The first thing to do is plan about your website. Ask yourself as to how your website would look like and what are the contents you are willing to provide. You can also start to decide what will be the domain of your website. A domain, by the way, is the name of your site.

Now that you have all your plans clearly laid out in your mind, it’s time to find a reliable online website builder that would allow you to create your website easily using their easy to understand user interface for free. You can search on Google for that, there are just numerous sites that offer that kind of service.

Not always, but most of the time, they will let you choose from their archive of prepared and customizable templates depending on your choice. You will then be asked to fill out the areas you want to put the information about your website. You can add photos and other media depending on the nature of the website you are planning to build. You can also add pages and different buttons so the viewers could easily navigate on your website. And if you are ready and you have finally crafted a website, you can now publish your site for free depending on the website builder you chose.

There are ways to build a website for free, you just have to be patient and resourceful in searching and looking for the best technique that suits you.

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